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Absolutely the Best Product I Have Ever Purchased for My Sailboat!

Absolutely the best product I have ever purchased for my Beneteau 343 with an aluminum toe rail.! My boat is docked in a floating slip, and trying to get aboard or disembark was very difficult, due to the height of the deck above the finger pier. I felt that a heavy two or three step staircase, secured to the finger pier was too large and bulky. I tried a small step-stool, but it was not secured to the finger pier, and I knew that sooner or later it was going to move while I was boarding or disembarking, and I would end up with serious injuries. And, if I should hit my head and fall into the water while unconscious, well, my boating days would be finished. Then I saw the SailStep. It seemed to be the perfect answer! I purchased it in mid-2016, if I remember correctly, and I have used it for 1 1/2 seasons. As I mentioned above, it is absolutely, without a doubt, the best product I have ever purchased for my boat, and for my safety. I am constantly using it to board and disembark from my boat, usually with one hand grabbing the lifeline gate stanchion, and the other hand holding items to bring aboard, or take off, my boat. The construction of the SailStep is rock solid. I have not had any problems with it or with its operation, in attaching it or removing it from my boat. I could go on and on, but let me end by saying that I STRONGLY RECOMMEND the SailStep to everyone who is looking for the best, easiest, and safest way to board and disembark from your sailboat! – MJOD

Wonderful! Best Step Ever!

Well, we’ve had our SailStep for about 2 weeks now. We are very happy with it. It fits our Hunter perfectly! It’s exactly the right height, splitting the difference between deck and dock about halfway. It is very easy both to step up and step down. Since it’s attached to the boat, there’s no ‘awkward’ moment as there is in stepping off of or on to conventional steps — you know, that moment when one’s center of gravity is suspended between steps and deck. I feel very safe and stable, in spite of my occasional shaky legs. Also, since it’s attached to the boat, I can use a stanchion as a handhold.

One thing I like very much — it stays with the boat, so it’s always available to me.

Now, that’s only part of the story. Here are a few things a prospective buyer should keep in mind when confronted with the price tag:
1. Materials quality is excellent. The SailStep, from first glance through thorough inspection, exudes an aura of quality.
2. Workmanship. Again, excellent. Perfect welds, smoothly finished everywhere.
3. This is not mass-produced. This is custom craftsmanship for a specialty item. Quality Work Takes Time, and therefore rightly costs more.
4. Unlike traditional fiberglass steps, the SailStep is compact, elegant, and travels with you.

Bottom line: Excellent value for price! Fantastic product! – W.L.

Fantastic Product!

I joined the sailing world about a year and a half ago. The most stressful part for me has always been coming and going off the dock. I was actually looking for a some sort of ladder for getting on board while tied to the dock and was having a hard time finding anything of quality much less good looking. I searched the internet for days and finally found the Sailstep on a Google search. This simple item has completely changes my sailing life! After watching the video I knew it was a fantastic solution for both my needs. I can now effortlessly get on and off the boat while at dock as well as when coming and going! I love this step!! It is a real quality, attractive item and simple to use and store. I am extremely happy with this purchase and have recommended it to all my sailing friends. Thank you Sailstep! – Designer Girl

SailStep Boarding Ladder

We have a Catalina 400 Mark II and have tried 3 different step systems for side boarding prior to discovering the SailStep. The rope steps were unsafe, the Fender Step was not as stable and the custom wood step was too bulky to store. The SailStep is rock solid, stores in a bag and fits anywhere, constructed of excellent maintenance free materials and the design, engineering and construction is superb. Yes, it’s pricey but we are well retired and safety trumps the possibility of injury when boarding from dockside. The safety aspect also applies to all ages including children. This product allows safe boarding and is very stable. We remain grateful that someone took the time to engineer this excellent product. – Dusty

A revelation as a dinghy ladder!

This product is absolutely perfect for easing transitions from our Beneteau First 42 to our inflatable Avon Dinghy. The step is amazingly secure, is always higher than the dinghy, but provides for easy steps into and out of the dinghy. After years of my short wife (5′ 2″) struggling to get from one boat to the other, this is finally a secure, confident process. They don’t feature this application in their materials, but as long as the step will be above your dinghy, I think you’ll love it. I had a very good customer support experience with owner/developer Clay and the build quality is every bit as excellent as other reviewers have noted. I also appreciated them putting a float on the locking pin that serves as both the locking point to the toe rail and to keep the step from folding out when not deployed. – Don Wineberg

Docking made safer!

As sailors in our 60s my husband and I readily admit that we aren’t as nimble anymore! Docking our Morgan 45 is always interesting especially with me being the designated line jumper! Knee replacement makes that task a bit daunting. We just got our SailStep and I cannot say how much we both appreciate the design, ease of use, and outstanding customer service. Came in a little hot and bent the cotter pin. BUT neither the step or boat were injured. New pin sent without question or judgment 😄 Simply can’t say anything more other than BUY IT! – Cindy F.

what a great product!

SailStep…what a great product!!! No more “jumping” onto a dock on approach, simply step off from the SailStep!!! No more clutter on the finger dock with plastic steps!!! Seconds to instal or remove, stows flat easily, sturdy and well designed…my wife and I sail a Catalina 400 MKII around Lake Ontario near WINDY Kingston and this step has SO improved our dockside experiences that I secure it in our vehicle when we leave the boat, Nobody can have my SailStep!!! Great Job SailStep!!! – Don Strong

What’s not to love? I’ve been looking for a boarding step that…

A quality product that does what the manufacturer says, is well made, and at a fair price. What’s not to love? I’ve been looking for a boarding step that would fit the slotted aluminum toe rail on our new Catalina 355 and had almost resigned myself to designing it myself and having it fabricated when I found out about Sailstep from our 355 blog. This unit is well thought out, well made and shows a lot of its manufacturers pride and attention to detail. Highly recommended to anyone with a boat with a slotted toe rail. – Amazon Customer

A Great Product

I have a bad leg and short as well. Getting from dock to boat was difficult especially if the tide was out. Have tried steps on the dock, but those were either unstable or attached to the dock and could not go with me if I went to another marina. I purchased one of these and life is really good now. Well constructed, very stable and easily attaches. Can take it with me when I go over to another marina with almost no room taken up. Attaches in less then a minute, more like 30 seconds. Can be adjusted to fit almost any Beneteau or boat with the toe rail. Beneteau should provide one with every boat. My wife easily steps off on to the dock when we come in and generally stands on it when we approach the dock. – Amazon Customer

Life with our SailStep

We are a Jeanneau Sun Odysessy 36.2. We use our sailstep every day. It is a finely crafted piece, stows easily, affixes to the rail in a jiffy and allows guests that are not accustomed to boarding a sailboat a graceful means of doing so. Best yet it stows in my cockpit locker and is ready for any port of call. Lightweight and rugged. It looks quite stylish. Our last sailout with our club and more than a few members were impressed. – Dana W. Smith

Super stable and great customer service

Found this item at a recent boat show. Had it shipped to my boat, item arrived the next day. The materials are solid and the welds are perfect. One small issue, my boat design left the step at a less than optimal angle. The people at Sail Step suggested doubling the standoffs. They even personally delivered the bolts required to my marina. Who does that anymore?!

Step is super stable and inspires confidence when stepping off during docking. Could not have asked for more. Great job SailStep. – GirlOnABoat

or effort trying to find other “stairs” to board my boat so safely and easily each time

If I only knew this product was available I would not have spent so much time, money, or effort trying to find other “stairs” to board my boat so safely and easily each time. The beauty of this unit is that it can easily go wherever you sail to so that whenever you tie up to a dock you have a convenient way to disembark. In my case my boat (Hunter 34) has a high topside which doesn’t pose a problem because the Sail Step is the proper height. Last but not least the people who sell this product know the importance of great customer service. – Jon M.